Nerfing Egolem

I think it goes without say that egolem is viewed as one of the most toxic cards in the game. The popular egolem deck featuring night witch and skele king will only get better after the balance changes. While I believe a bomb tower nerf, cannon buff, and inferno tower buff are all valid, they will all help egolem even more. I believe there are 2 egolem nerfs that could keep the card viable but reduce it’s popularity.

  1. Lowering the hp of all forms between 8 and 12%
  2. Having the elixir golemites give 1 elixir instead of 0.5
    Lowering the hp will allow pushes to be broken up at the source and will give players elixir earlier in the push so they can respond. I don’t believe a hit speed nerf would change much because the golem itself connecting to buildings and towers is less of an issue that the bats and barbs that come with it. I believe the better route is having the elixir golemites give 1 elixir. This means players will get one extra elixir to defend and counter push against egolem. Thanks for reading.
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Petition to completely remove egolem

Agree, his attack power is too high

I think the blobs should maybe be nerfed so two arrows from the princess tower could take it down, and the golemites giving 1 elixir instead of 0.5 is a great change

so it would give 6 elixir total? totally balanced…