Need a constant Gold to EWC conversion rate ASAP

How does 2000 gold convert to 750 EWC? Here’s my conversion rate:

1 EWC = 1 common card = 5 gold
1 EWC = 1/5 rare cards = 10 gold
1 EWC = 1/20 epic cards = 25 gold
1 EWC = 1/1500 legendary cards = 13.33 gold
1 EWC = 1/4000 champion cards = 10 gold

Average all them to get 12.6 gold per EWC.

Also, if you have chest data (like what’s in it), could you kindly share it with me? (edited)

We use the value of legendary cards in the shop, which is the most efficient within those with plenty of supply available. This gives 75 EWCs for each 2K gold you get.

I guess it’s a bit confusing, but the total value multiplies this by 10, because it’s the amount available. We’ll probably change that to be more consistent in the future.

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Thank you!

Do you guys possibly have the contents of each chest in a csv file format? I searched smlbiobot but didn’t seem to find any.

We do, but we have no plans to share them publicly for now.