Naughty or Nice - Clash Royale Season 54 (December 2023)

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Thank you for the new season post.

Would like to mention you’ve mentioned book of books instead of book of legendary in the season shop

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Yes bro, I don’t think that they gonna give book of books, they never did, and legendary book appear once per year I guess. Sorry for us lol.

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the images dont match the description.

Is it Book of Books or legendary book? and Barbarians or Knight Shard?


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We are in one of the worst metas ever and they decide to not have the usual every 2 months balance changes. I’m lost for words.

Evolution Archer and Little Prince are fraudulent cards that need to be nerfed right away. We need to nerf them.

The Christmas tree tower skin never dropped last year lol. It’s not returning

Well damn this is bad. As usual good job supercell for keeping it worse with every new season. Have nothing to say this is all futile they dont care.

Would be a great season if it wasn’t for the missing balance changes, no boosted cards and the worst of them all lvl 15 on path of legends. I guess thanks supercell for now completely ruining the game and killing off the last competitive gamemode

Thanks for the details SML. Love this game.