Mystery Box Update - Clash Royale - March, 2024 Q1

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I love the revamped rewards, it was something on my wish list for a long time. I just wish that they change one of the crown rewards to banner tokens so that the rewards are 3 crowns, 20 banner tokens and the Mystery Box, cause I really liked getting some form of cosmetics as a F2P player. But it’s a great change overall, I hope they continue to look at long-neglected things like these and make them more F2P-friendly


after 365days of daily tasks we get 4 evo shards!! I was expecting some changes regarding evos for f2p. but this is horrible.

So, basically every year f2p gets 2 fresh evos + 4 evo shards from 12*2= 24 released evos. fantastic …

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Other Quality of Life Changes I would like to see:

-Allow wild cards to be used on tower troops.
It doesn’t make sense that to get to level 14 to level 15 tower troops require elite wild cards. But for the previous levels I can’t use wild cards of the same rarity to upgrade the tower troops.

-Add a special offer of 1 wild evolution shard for 500 gems, maybe every two weeks
Just like how back then you could use 500 gems to get 1 legendary chest, maybe now change it and instead replacing the legendary chest with 1 wild evolution shard.

-Replace the Epic Chest with the Champion Chest in the 500-chest cycle for King Level 42 or higher.
Starting at King Level 42 the regular chest cycle changes with removal of the silver chest to help progression. This change will also help progression as the 500-chest cycle for king level 42 or higher would only contain the Legendary Chest, the Champion Chest, and the Mega Lightning Chest.


Evolutions could still use some more sources to obtain, but this is great for f2p. 1.6 Book of Books per year may not seem like a lot, but when combined with the other rewards like other books and champ wilds this update is a huge buff to f2p. The only thing we lost was banner tokens, which is just cosmetics which most players don’t even care about, so overall huge W update.


I’m not convinced. There needs to be more for casual and f2p players. This seems like a step in the right direction. However adding tower troops to the season shop and removing daily banner tokens means we need more season tokens

Oh and also. Still no chest keys!!!?

It looks great.
But where are the card boost potion and the key?
And 10 crowns seem a little bit too much

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Would be nice to see either an increase in gold in the common or rare drops or removing it altogether because it’s much worse than the other rewards.

  1. We don’t want to mislead players into spending their wild cards onto tower troops and not on the other cards. (Tower troops have their own chest)
  2. spending 500 gems (despite evolution shards being in extreme demand) You’ll probably find better uses than dumping that much for one. (you’d be spending $30 for one whole evolution)
  3. I agree but don’t forget to include royal wild chest (legendary and champion chests don’t feel rewarding enough though)

:pensive::pensive: Well played. But still not a good game :dart: :dart:

Are you sure that the Legendary Lucky Drop can also give full evolutions??? But I have not seen yet any in the developer videos by various content creators.

So, CR developers also watch Solo Leveling anime. Very nice!
For me I need something to do with the leftover millions of gold. They could also update the time to unlock chests.

Nerf Firecracker it’s very so powered card

Nerf Firecracker it is very so powered card

i think the new rewards for the tournaments are the most exciting updates because i never saw any point in playing them before this

where will you be able to get banner tokens now after this new update?

  1. Change was implemented(thank you Supercell). It’s not misleading as players can choose to spend their wild cards however they want. This change gives more value to wild cards.
  2. Honestly it depends on what the players value. RoyaleAPI even says that every time they put out what’s in store in the Season Shop. If you value elite wild cards more than evolution shards than other stuff is better to buy. Same thing for gems, maybe 500 gems for a player may be better spent on 10 or more wins on grand tournaments. But for others player the hardest thing they may come across is evolution shards, thus that has more value to them.
  3. Royal wild chest is already part of the regular chest cycle.

No nerf Evo bomber, Evo firecracker can get a king tower activation, although it is pretty overpowered

Are you guys gonna predict our rewards like you do with the chest cycle? Or is that too hard. It would be really helpful even to just know the rarity so I don’t feel like I wasted my time

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