My top of crl 2022 don't appear in my api profile

Please help, my badge with the top of Crl 2022 don’t appear in my api profile

I don’t know why all players have it instead of me, anyways thanks for attention and if its possible solve the problem it will be very nice :slight_smile:

Hi, CRL badges are linked to esports profiles. If you don’t have one, it won’t be displayed

Really?, thanks so much for telling me, So, did you know how can I had a esport profile to get the crl badge?:pleading_face:

Yes, you can request it here:

But please not that this doesn’t ensure that it will be added, our validation process is quite strict and not all accounts are eligible to have the esports profile

Thanks so much <3, I request my eSport info, I hope that i can have it🙏🏻