My RoyaleApi profile and CRL2023

Hello everyone!

I am using RoyaleApi all the time to check profiles, metas, upcoming seasonal features and more!

Site is overall amazing but I cant find myself in CRL 2023 winners :frowning: I looked for winners from Slovakia and there is more than half missing because they might not have a country flag (Slovakia) on their account. Also i tried to search myself without filters, yet I’m not there! With this topic I’m asking you to add me to CRL2023 winners AND add the Slovakia flag next to my profile:(Mastibruch #2V0JLUCR8 | Player Profile in Clash Royale - RoyaleAPI).
Thank You very much in advance!
Best Regards,

BTW: is there any other way to reply / comment on a discussion instead of scrolling down to the last comment and then press β€œReply”? (samsung phone)

Hi, not sure what the issue is. Could you link to the page in which you are searching?

This looks fine to me:

I have been searching from there:

… also, can i have that Slovak flag on my RoyaleApi profile or are there any requirements to get it?

That is the CRL 2023 leaderboard, which is unrelated to the CRL 20-win challenge.

Re: profile
You can request it here: