My prediction for next balance changes


  • E-wizard and zap (increased stun duration to 0.75 seconds)
  • Princess (reworked to kill goblins)
  • Wizard (drops inferno effect on spawn - kills up to goblins)
  • Witch (wider radius of splash attack)
  • Skeleton Army (increased skeletons by 1)
  • Elite Barbarians (spawn time 0.8 seconds from 1).
  • Ice Wizard (snowball effect when deployed?)


  • Evo wallbreakers (little ones do same damage as big ones)
  • Evo skeletons (0.1 hitspeed slower or skeleton total spawn limit to 30)
  • Balloon (some hp)
  • Miner (some hp?)
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Most people don’t know this, but Evo skellies actually have a spawn limit of 8, if I’m not wrong. I notice this all the time when they are split up and one side is multiplying while the others are not.

I mean, if you spawn 8… but they’re getting shot and still accumulating 8… after the 30th skeleton they stop spawning at all.

I don’t know what the best cap is at all mind though but 30 seems like - yeah a 1 elixir card is still getting tonnes of value.