My Global Tourney badge no longer visible

On the last double elixer global tourney I got 27 wins and a badge. It showed up on royale api as aroune 750, but now I look at the profile and its no longer there.

My account tag is #992CJQVJ
If anyone could look into why the badge was removed from API i would appreciate it.

Need proof please.

Since I have 2 Royal tournament finishes on the game, my better one (which is 328) shows up. But the badge is silver and one the second level. If theres any way to check the leaderboard for the last double elixer royal tournament then it should show me at 27 wins.
The badge was randomly removed from my profile.

Photo of my badges

This is the last known 2x GT Leaderboard: 2x Elixir Tournament GT #URP8P9VQ8 (2022-06-20 to 2022-06-25 - RoyaleAPI

If that’s not the one, feel free to look up here: - RoyaleAPI