My Clash Royale account and esport achievements

Dear RoyaleAPI Team, I want to ask you to connect my twitter account ( @DC_MAN689 ) and discord account ( _dcman ) to my main Clash Royale account ( RFe DC-MAN , #PJRPQ28JR ). I also want you to connect my other accounts to the main account.
エミネム , #UGOC988QG I also have a question, how can I register my esports achievements? Do I have to send you a message like this or what? How can I get the Pro bagde on the site? Thank you for your answer and help in advance. Best regards, DC-MAN

Hello, you can use the following form for your request: RoyaleAPI esports profiles.

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And regarding esports achievements, if there are events that we have missed you can send us the information to review them and add them if they meet our requirements.

For the Pro label, requirements available here:

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