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I am really considering quitting the game


Don’t replace the gems from mastery with gold. That is some backward thinking, gems help players with royal tournament or grand challenge.

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What is the meaning of progression? Leveling cards are meaningless!!! And removing gems are you guys really kidding with us? You just making people have to pay for everything!!! I hate it. Community hates it. Look at the coments 90% of them are negative and you’re blindly say Yeeey Elite levels, feel the progression. It must be a joke!!! You guys literally insulting your community. This can’t be forgiven!! I’m done with your game.

I think SC direction was kidnapped and replaced by a mad man.
It’s pretty obvious now.

Who wants to grind for years?
Who wants to play a competitive game with inequal chances?

The most annoying though is that they keep going the hypocrisis route, “we heard you”, “we will fix it”, etc. They are either mad, idiot, or they don’t give a f*ck about their community.

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First of all removing gems from masteries is not the right path to go, but 300gems = 5000 gold? That’s just dumb, imagine I spent those 300 gems on Grand Challenges and won all of them, that’s potentially 66,000 gold, and y’all are replacing 300 gems (potentially 66k gold) for just 5000 gold???

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To be honest I like the whole update, now reaching Elite Levels is going gto be a long path and I like that, it’s no meant that we have all are cards in an Elite Level, and I agree with that.

The thing I don’t like is removing gems in the masteries.

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What the actual hell. This update is LITERALLY THE TRASHIEST AND THE WORST update I’ve ever seen.
Like what the heck is even tower level 15. I literally just got tower level 14 last month(not even KIDDING). And on top of that you will 54 experience level to get tower level 15. I thought when they nerfed the Pass Royale, they will realize the mistake and fix it revert it. Like the Old Pass Royale had so much value with Book of Books and most importantly the Magic Coin. but they removed them and also increased the PRICES. AND then the worst thing that could have happened LEVEL 15. I mean they released a VIDEO announcing lvl 15 but they did tell us how much would it cost . THEY only told us that it would cost no GOLD but DID not tell us that it would 50,000 freaking ELITE WILD CARDS just to upgrade one lvl14 to lvl 15. I mean they only released an ARTICLE about it . TO which only some thousands people would’ve seen. Such an IMPORTANT thing and they just release an ATICLE. Dude I have no words left for this Game I’ve playing this game since 6 years. And they are ruining IT just for SOME DAMN MONEY.

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The problem is it’s completely pay to win. It’s going to take 10 years for a ftp player to max every card assuming they don’t take any breaks, don’t quit the game, and no life it the entire time. Level 15 isn’t the end. I assume level 16 will come soon, and no one will like it. The difference between the level 14 update and the level 15 update is that at least the level 14 update introduced champions. Level 15 provides nothing to the game. It was a calculated move by supercell. First, make pass royale awful. Then, add an update that requires money to do anything. Now people have to pay much more than they would have before the pass royale change. While I applaud their moves from a business standpoint, this is in no way good for the consumers. They have ruined the game and it is falling into a hole dug by Supercell. They are clearly out of touch with reality and the player base that pays their rent. All they think about is money, not what the players want. They used quantitative “data” to give reason onto why they added this update. If they actually asked for the opinions of almost anyone, they would likely have never gone through with this greedy plan. Never mind. Who am I kidding. Supercell is too wrapped up in money, and their “data” was just an awful excuse for implementing something that they know will add money to their pockets.

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Dear Supercell team,
Honestly, if a new card level meant new content, I would support it. Yet there is none! The interactions between the same leveled cards remain the same. There is no reason for level 15. Card evolutions does not rely on card levels, so why bother with a new level. Get rid of this garbage idea that people like upgrading their cards to max, as the vast majority of players hate having to level up their cards. Seriously, the vast majority of complaints in CR are based on their card levels being too low! On top of that, you took away everything that made pass royale good, nerfed progression, and increased the cost. Now you are expecting us to accumulate 25,000 commons or 100 champions for one moronic level that takes way too long to get to. Keep the rest of the stuff in this update (except more gold over gems in masteries) and the community will be happy. The way the Supercell team is blatantly ignoring us our cries, and then telling us that they value our feedback is just plain hypocrisy. WE WANT MORE CONTENT AND NEW GAMEPLAY. We do not want new card levels, get that through the devs’ heads already. Surely, they are not so stupid as to think the community actually wants this after seeing all of our feedback. I know this may be a cry on deaf ears, but please actually consider what we are saying and actually take it into account.

My suggestion for masteries is to change the third mastery tier rewards, as they consist of only banner tokens. Changing them would make more sense as banner tokens have been made more available through daily tasks and season shop since their release. It would be less controversial as it would replace a currency for cosmetic items, while both gold and gems are integral resources for players. In addition more players would appreciate variying rewards and having an incentive to experiment with different cards. Possibility of creating optional rewards could also be an option, that way players could select gems, banner tokens or gold depending on their needs. This could take some time to develop but it would be much appreciated.

Increase the amount of cards available to purchase in the shop, so that overflow gold can be spent.

Don’t replace gems from mastery tasks with gold. It’s not going to “solve” gold shortage. Gems provide better value anyway.

great content coming but not for everyone, my only small suggestion is to offer the conversion also for magic coins for players with all cards maxed out.

Of course, gem deleting is for helping us with gold. Of course. Just a little secret, that was not told through youtube video. A secret present from developers. Hoho. Haha.

The thing that triggers me the most presides lvl 15 is the replacement of gems. If someone would be stupid enough he could just use all the gems from the masteries to by gold in the shop. But nobody would do this because gems are WAY more valuable than gold is, especially because of the tournament rewards and grand challenges. Just another stupid scam from supercell that they try to hide by saying that this is better for us. Such a bad update again like the previous 4

Level 15/Elite Levels, Evolution Shards aside (the grind has been tripled, quadrupled, quintupled even) - maybe a new “Where Is The Gold” post by Alpe123?

Trophy Inflation continues with Trophy Road. The split into Path of Legends and making Trophy Road casual was basically straight-up confession and admission from Supercell that they are just inflating trophies and people’s PBs every year or so.
PBs used to be 3000, then 4000. Then 5000, 6000, 7000, 8000.
Now Trophy Road is extended to 9000.

By the way, RoyaleAPI, your Deck Finder page doesn’t allow to sort Ladder trophies up to 9000. It’s still capped at 7500.

You Should Add 2 More arenas arena 23 the prince’s dream and arena 24 the forbidden palace