Missing Esports Team Badge

I have a question about not getting a team Achievement on my API profile. I was registered as Staff on Andromeda’s roster, and after finishing 2nd in a league, most of the players and staff got their Achievement badge on RoyaleAPI, whereas I didn’t get anything. What could have been the problem?

Hard to say with the details you have provided, but in general it’s event organisers who provide us the list of participants. Team achievements are assigned based on that

I purposely didn’t provide all the details in case it would need to be shown privately, but here is one of the staff members who received the Inkarri Cup #2 badge for the season where I was also announced as staff: QN I RomeoNesh #J8U0C2GQ | Player Profile in Clash Royale - RoyaleAPI

Are you implying that I would have to message the Inkarri Cup organizers first and then have them bring it up to you?

Yep, correct. If there’s something to fix/update it should be them who request it