Missing badge on my eSports Player Profile

Hello @alpe123,
my issue is that I’m still missing a badge that should have been added to my esports profile some time ago. It’s for the gkr summer split. My team Higher Gaming finished first and I still not received a badge for it. You can ask Trinity for a confirmation too, he can proof that I was part of it

Please ask GKR to submit it then, we only add achievements to profiles they provide. It would be very chaotic if we weren’t strict with this process.

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Sure that’s totally understandable. I will tell Trinity that, thx for the quick reply :saluting_face:

Hello @alpe123, I talked with Trinity on that topic as you suggested me and he send me that, so all should be fine now or is there still anything missing for you do add the badge to my profile?
If yes pls let me know :slight_smile: