Missed Battles YESTERDAY

In Clan stats under River Race, Please consider adding a column for Used/Missed Battles YESTERDAY.

Our clan is trying to track war participation for members in multiple time zones and a feature that notes who missed battles in the last 24 hour period would be very helpful.

Thanks. Love your site.

Good suggestions — unfortunately not available in the data returned by Supercell. If you require features like that, you should try and program it yourself. The issue is that while it is theoretically possible for us to track such feature, we won’t be able to do it for everyone — it would require us to record the the stats for everyone clan at the same exact time every day.

Such info is possible if we hold the database directly (but since we don’t and that info is at Supercell), it would only be possible if they provide that info. I can ask for this info to be supplied, but the chance is low especially since I know how busy they are right now.