Mini pekka NERF

I don’t want to be annoying or lenghten my reasoning but the minipekka is overpowered. If u are a minipekka player and u are onest u have to abmit that is the best mini tank in the game and this is a fact not an opinion.
The card cost 4 and do the same thing of the 7 elixir pekka, the only thing that give a sense to this 3 elixir separation is the hp. Ok, the hp changes a lot, but minipekka hit more fast and is also more fast in the arena so why is it so strong?
How is it possible that in every build-down deck or general deck like royal recruit there is always and anyway this little cancer?

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I have to disagree as a user… there are too many counters and when it comes to mini-pekka vs hog… mini-pekka is underdog because you have too little time to counter it and you can’t counterpush with a mini-pekka as you should be able to with pekka (but pekka in a weak state - so there isn’t a comparison).

Mini-pekka has a short range too to your “difference with pekka as pekka has medium”… so many times mini-pekka “stands still and hits air”.

it’s incredible that a card that cost 7 is better than one that cost 4. For obvious reason supercell made the 7 elixir pekka more strong than the mini, it’s like to compare the 3 skeletons with the skarmy or the 3 minions with the 6.
U aren’t honest because u are a minipekka user like u said.

all my trophies depend on th mini pekka


If you nerf minipekka you would destroy the card cause now you have beter options like evo knight or evo Valk. Minipekka is just used in goblin giant decks so it would be ok to nerf minipekka to nerf the deck but if you nerf it people would just play the deck with evo knight.

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u can’t compare an evo card with a non-evo card; if we take in consideration this, ok the evo knight and the evo valkirie are pretty much better than the minipekka but in the deck with the minipekka u can also use an evolution, thing that u can’t do in the evo knight or evo valkirie decks.
We must to take in consideration only the base card and the base card of the minipekka is more strong than the base knight and the base valkirie.

Problem is goblin giant

Yes, I can compare an evo card with a non-evo card and that’s the problem that he actualy hasn’t a evo so he don’t need a nerf, he need a evolution

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No, the problem is the deck, the goblin giant is ok , maybe he could get a litle nerf but to it’s like lava , lava is so bad but the lava decks were good but they decided to killed lava

The goblin giant could still lose like 2-3%hp and it’d make a world of difference… one less punch on the tower when raged… and being so tanky yeah it’d block so a mini-pekka hit far more likely

Edit: btw mini-pekka is untouchable because it falls in the perfect range of use rate and win rate… 7-8% usage rate is about where every card is wanted… it has 8%… it’s winrate is 48%… close to 50% is ideal… Grand challenge stats for today.

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Mini pekka definitly dont need a nerf. You can counter it with 1 elixir cards like skeletons or ice spirit. Mini pekka is right now perfectly balanced and definitely dont need a nerf.

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what are u talkin about man?
like the 90% of the card in the game can easily be countered with the princess tower help
minki pekka is too good because you can easily counterpush with it and if u tank it, is an enormous problem to defend the counterpush with the vast majority of the meta deck

I don’t know. In my opinion it is good card in defending but when it comes to counter push is so easy to distract with cheap cards. I don’t have any trouble with it.

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I used to use mini pekka back in 2016-2017 but now it’s just not worth using over the Valk or Dark Prince as a 4 elixir troop

Mini pekka not op. I need mini pekka the way she is when i dont use a building in my deck For defense against giants and hog riders.

there are so many counters for mini pekka that i think there is no point nerfing him