Members who have left the clan no longer show up in the Current River Race Log after the 2021 Q1 Client Update

I realized there aren’t records of those members who left the clan in table now (just 50 accounts is shown)

Pls fix it asap because is very usefull to know how many account did their battles in day
Tnx a lot

We display what is returned by Supercell. We don’t change anything on these pages. The data we show is the same as what is shown in-game.

As such, we can’t “fix” this issue as. we have not done anything to it.

What I can do is ask Supercell on your behalf if it‘s possible to put the non-current members back — but just as an fyi, this is not controllable by us.

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I will appreciate your effort.

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Does supercell add this season’s last week data after that maintenance break that you talked about or this week data is lost forever?

Supercell has removed that data intentionally after the client update. We have explained the utility of it and they have agreed to add it back.

However, this won’t be available until they can have a maintenance break — which is going to be tentatively sometime next week (before April 11).

I don’t know if the data is lost forever or not. I was told that the “current river race” endpoint behaves a bit differently than the “river race log”. I don’t want to keep on bombarding them with questions. So in terms of what to expect, I think that it’s best to wait after we have data to look at.