Pffffff ggggrrr i juste had again an opponent in war that has 2 tour higher and cards 2 to 4 lvls higher than me… Seriously… No one here in forum that bas contact with those stupid developpers of clash to say them to change that??? I dont’have twitter to tweet on their account.

If no oponent at same level then juste say it and we’ll come back later… Seriously… Nothing cool when you loose as “a grosse merde” in war where you play for a ranking un clans…

Very angry about that stupid game ans stupid developpers.

There are no level caps once you have reached 5000 trophies.

Matchmaking will not match you against people with similar levels. Only trophies are used. If matchmaking only uses king level to match you then you can be a Level 2 and be the number 1 player in the world.