March Balance Changes 2024 (Concept / Idea)


What do u think?


There are a lot of problems with this balance change idea in my opinion.

First, the Fireball buff. Fireball does NOT need a buff. It is already a VERY good and versatile spell that doesn’t need to be buffed.

Second, the Cannoner buff. I think Tower Troops should always be a little weaker than the Princess Tower, and the Cannoner is in that state right now, so he doesn’t need a buff.

Third, the Bowler nerf. Bowler is only good right now thanks to the Little Prince being so dominant in the meta, so if you make the Bowler weaker, you make Little Prince stronger, and I don’t think people want a stronger Little Prince.

Fourth, the Wizard rework. Wizard does NOT need a buffed hitspeed if he is reduced to 4 elixir, because if that happens he will be a better Musketeer, so I think the hitspeed should be increased to 1.6 seconds. I agree with the elixir reduction and damage nerf.

Fifth, the Clone “rework”. This “rework” is a buff actually but I don’t think Clone needs the elixir reduction, just the radius increase would be good enough.

Sixth, the Goblin Giant nerf. This nerf would affect Goblin Gang, Spear Goblins, Gob Giant and Goblin Hut and the only card of these four that deserves a nerf is the Goblin Giant, so I think a light HP nerf of 3% is enough to put him in check.

And also, you NEED a Little Prince and Evo Knight nerf in this balance change. They are too strong to be ignored.

I liked the Ram and Gob Drill buffs though :slight_smile:


Well said Dourado

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The defensive capability of Ram Rider is good from what I can tell. If it’s not performing successfully, maybe it’s underwhelming in another sections. I haven’t used it in a while myself but I can lay out some possibilities to discuss:

  • Health (is it struggling to last long enough to reach tower or simply have impact; consider it being used on both defense and offense)
  • damage (is it reaching the tower but having less than satisfying impact)
  • deploy time (does it’s deploy time pressure the user to stay well above it’s elixir cost in order to be able to use it in time for effective defense)
  • projectile attack speed (is this card struggling to slow a GROUP of units within a reasonable time and should it be capable of slowing the several units)
  • projectile slow duration (are targets being slowed then escaping the slow effect quickly enough to where the slow was not worth the cost; deployment location issue?; Ram Rider switching between targets too slowly issue?)

Supercell, I’m open to speaking to your hiring manager. pt.2

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Ram Rider and Goblin Giant are similar cards

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I like the idea of the wizard being reworked into a 6 elixir splash natural disaster card rather than 4 elixir.

We have cheap splash cards already. How about another expensive splash card that will kill an expensive push.