Magic Arrow spell (magic archer projectile)

This spell is an arrow that zips through the full length of the entire arena.
It is imagined as a thin hitbox projectile. Air and ground.

Balancing for different amounts of elixir:

  • 1 elixir (may be viable and may be niche):
    kills spear goblins but is thin enough to miss some members of the goblin gang (1 tile width)
  • 2 elixir (may be viable; may be niche):
    Kills stab goblins and is wide enough to miss some members of goblin gang (1 tile width)
  • 3 elixir (may be viable):
    kills lava pups and is as wide as bridge (2 tile width)
  • 4 elixir (?? why 4 elixir ??):
    kills firecracker and is as wide as the bridge (2 tile width)

note: it can be considered a nerf to increase this things width past 1 tile as that risks king tower activation when played on that certain row of tiles. 1.1 tile width would add little value while disabling the use of the spell one tile away from king tower without activating it.

note for lvl 15 health of cards referenced:

  • skeletons/bats: 119
  • spear goblins: 193
  • stab goblins: 293
  • lava pups: 315
  • minions/ice spirit: 334
  • dart goblin: 345
  • guards shield: 372
  • Firecracker: 572

note for lvl 15 spells’s dmg (troop damage/tower damage):

  • snowball: 260/78
  • zap & rage: 279/84
  • log: 422/85
  • barb barrel: idk
  • arrows: 534/162
  • delivery: 579
  • fireball: 1004/302

Formula used to calculate stats based on level:
y = (m-1)xb + b
y = resulting stat
m = level
x = % increase per level (+10% per level would mean x =0.1)
b = base stat