Losted Player Tag & Account linked via Facebook

I’ve lost my access to my account and I need my player tag to recover it. I don’t know much information regarding my account. I used to play Clash Royale since 5-6 years back. All i remember is one of my friend’s ID and remember my Devices in which i have played. Also remember some of my deck cards (Log, Elite Barbarians, Electro Wizard, Goblin gang , etc) .And my account was linked through Facebook


This is my Facebook ID.

Kindly help me to recover my account and its player tag.

They removed the Facebook login last year, so it will be tough for you to recover your account.
Do you remember what the name of your account was? It could help for starters. If not, your best bet is to search for your friend’s ID and search it through RoyaleAPI. Create a new account on Clash, join the clan and communicate with your friend what your player tag is.