Lost Clash Royale account need player tag to recover

I’ve lost my access to my account and I need my player tag to recover it.
I know its a long shot but my CR account name is Hades or Hadess or something like that ( Hades ).
King Level maybe 11
i have not played maybe since 2019, I just want to see full list of players named Hades and i can find it myself (kinda remember legendary cards and arena )
Just want to find player tag and i can recover it with help from Supercell supports

Sorry we can’t do fuzzy searches like this. It returns too many results. If I give you 100,000 tags how are you gonna sort out which is yours?

We don’t store level info.

It’s not that much its about 6500 accaunts and mine was 2-3k trophies ( It’s a old accaunt and 3k trophies was max hog mauntain arena ) i can find it if you give it to me :slight_smile: :blush:

If you’re never visited our site before and accessed your profile then we most likely won’t have the info.

I just created this profile for that post but i have used this site before
Don’t remember exactly this site but i used for searching next chests it was long ago… maybe 2 or 3 years ago

Ok. In that case I should be able to search with the specific criteria you are seeking. I’ll take a look.

Can i somehow help searching? or maybe send some accaunts below 3000 throphies and i’ll find it myself

There is many accaunts named Hades below 3000 trophies you can’t find exact one but i can becouse it was mine :smiley:

Hey I will do it for you in the next 2 days. Just can’t do it now because we’ve been super busy. But if I forget feel free to remind me in 48 hours.

Do you remember any of these info:

  • max challenge wins
  • number of wins
  • below 3000 trophies PB?
  • above how much? 2000? 2500?

How you won any:

  • grand challenges
  • classic challenges
  • never played

Here are results of your custom search with these params