Log in to clash royale

I have a supercell ID, and my country or region is correct, why I can’t log in to clash royale. When I click clash royale, It let me to update, I click update, and it go to the App Store and said the country or region is incorrect, my country or region is the United State, few days ago I click play without supercell ID by accident and than it just let me update, can you tell me what should I do to log in my account

Please answer the following questions honestly — if you lie about them then it won’t be possible to help you:

  1. Have you ever played on an account that is based in China? (Example: you have played on an account that uses WeChat or QQ to login, instead of Supercell ID)
  2. Where are you physically located in?
  3. How many accounts have you played on your device?
  4. Do you have another device to play the game? if so, are you able to install the game on this other device?
  1. I am a Chinese, but now I am in the US, I didn’t play this account in China, I use wechat or QQ login because you know that all chinese players are separate to the Chinese Clash royale, I want to play with my friends that is login by Wechat or QQ, so sometimes I log in by Wechat or QQ. Right now, in the APP store, if my country or region is the United States, I can download the International Clash Royale, if my country or region is China Mainland, I can download the Chinese clash royale. So sometimes I switch.

2.I am located in California, United State.

  1. I have 4 account that login by the Supercell the usernames are : wyq, wyq, creap, and 呵呵. And one that log in by QQ, is CR-神奇火箭.

4.I do not have another device to play games.

Notes: I can’t login to the account that is in the international Clash Royale, but I can log in to my Chinese Clash Royale by QQ login.

Contact the customer service in China to “release” your account — otherwise, in order to save your other accounts, the process is extremely complicated and is beyond the scope of this forum. You need to contact Supercell.

Someone made a video of it, but the production quality is not the greatest:

no,the video doesn’t work, and I don’t know how to connect with Chinese clash royale worker. Is there other way to do it?

Login to Weibo and contact Supercell customer service here:


Or here on Bilibili

All the things doesn’t work, but I have another phone to play clash royale now. What can I do

I can’t help you. sorry but this is beyond the scope of our site. Try contacting Supercell.