Little Prince In-Depth Guide, Clash Royale New Champion - Season 53 (November 2023)

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The videos showing interactions were great you should keep doing it


The direction of the dash :dash: must be forward the same direction of little Prince’s target Or forward the most close enemy to the little prince.
This makes the ability valuable than it is right now.

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3 elixir for a DPS range card and it doesn’t die to fireball? I think it will be unbalanced and rly strong.

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Hope they don’t change the free part because I am in arena 11 and for now I don’t wanna get to arena 12

They should buff Dart Goblin’s damage by 2-3% (kills Spear Goblins in one hit) because Little Prince outclasses it in every way outside of damage per shot and rarity.

This card looks really cool and creative, but i think it’ll be a tad strong upon release. As a PEKKA Ram player I’ll experiment to see if it can fit it. A cheap troop that survives a fireball should fit in quite nicely. Super glad to see a new card - Honesty thought we wouldn’t see a new one until 2024

will evo archers be available to use in the 20 win challenge?