Level 15, my stance. What can we do?

JUST TO BE PERFECTLY CLEAR: I am posting this to raise awareness and I mean to do this with complete respect to voice my opinion of the upcoming update. I am doing this not because I want CR to die, but because I don’t want it to die.

The Q2 has some good things going for it like the card evolutions, tripling the gold economy, and allowing 2v2 and 1v1 showdown to reward chests once again. But. Lvl 15. People have done the math, for a casual F2P player, it could take as much as 10 years to max out an entire account. If you have a maxed account you are only 1/3 of the way of max progression. THIRTY-THREE PERCENT. Can you imagine this??? It takes 100 Champs to max out a card OR 25000 commons. All you need is 12,000 commons to get from 1-14. Why is it tripled?

There are no card interaction changes when a new level is released. Lvl 13 cards will interact THE EXACT SAME WAY as lvl 12 and 14 cards. Lvl 15 cards will be no different. We need the player base of players that don’t want CR to die and speak up, to ensure that we can all continue playing a game that we all love. I am just one of many speaking out against level 15, and we all need your help to do it. The player base is seeing through this update unlike lvl 14. They distracted us with champs then and we fell for it, this time they’re distracting us with “no gold upgrades” and “card evolutions”. We will not fall for this.

I need to bring attention to the Q1 update as well. The Pass Royale NERF. Not REWORK! The nerf progression so they can reduce the amount of players upgrading cards and obtaining cards, so they can INCREASE their revenu. Now I understand that SC needs money to keep the game running, but they have to realize that their player base is what provides them money. If they ignore us, they lose profit. If SC really is a money-grabbing company, let’s hurt them where it hurts, their wallet. #Boycottlevel15

How can you help to save the game?
• Post your own opinion on Social Media, or reply to this blog to show your support!
• Boycott level 15! (Don’t use the wildcards from card overflow)
• Most important. Be respectful. We need to show the devs that we love CR the way it is and we do NOT want level 15. Saying players WANT level 15 is a scam and we both know it.

I love Clash Royale and I don’t want it to die. We need to show Supercell that Card Levels is not the way to go if they want to keep this game running. Join me and so many others and Boycott level 15, and/or make your opinion known.

#Boycottlevel15 #SaveClashRoyale

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We must make our voices known. B-Rad is an embodiment of our cause. He speaks for us all, and we must shout along with him. The path Supercell is treading with Clash Royale will only end in darkness. If you ignore the voices of the people, we shall revolt as history has shown us. We cannot stand for this great injustice. Hearken to us and listen, rather than pretend to hear and ignore us.
“The worst form of injustice is pretended justice” -Plato
Link to B-Rad here:

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