Level 15 in Path of Legends - Clash Royale December 2023 (Season 54)

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as much as i hate to see it, it was gonna happen at a certain point of time, i appreciate the 6 months cool down so everyone can upgrade at least one deck

Fuck Supercell, you have successfully made Path of Legends Pay to Win :rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage:!!!

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I don’t mind adding level 15 to PoL as much since it has to be added at some point. However, it would be nice if level 15 starts at royal champion, making each level cap seen in 2 leagues. I’m not as certain it would work well though since many people play till just before UC.

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You are right, every league must be 1 lvl starting from 11 to 15, so level 15 must be on royal champion and ultimate champion leagues.

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It is very easy to get ultimate champ then AND now, provided you have the skill. If you have at least 1 level 14 deck(prob should) and the skill, it’s just an ewc update

Man i hope supercell adds the seasonal Arena rotation back to PoL. The PoL Arena is getting kinda stale.

Clan War 2 chest rewards MUST include Elite Wild Cards because Supercell allows Level 15 cards in war.
If Path of Legends allows Level 15 cards and rewards EWC, there is no reason why CW2 War Chests shouldn’t include EWC since SC allows Level 15 cards in war.

Same logic also follows for Evolutions.

By adding level caps in path of legends such as level 15 it makes it very not fun to play because I would have to max out every card to try out different strategies and if I don’t then I’m stuck with the same deck for a few months and that same deck might faze out of the meta. I will always lose to people who pay more money in the game. Please just keep the level cap at 11 for all 10 leagues for 1 season and see how it goes. It allows more people an equal chance at playing any deck and would make the game less pay to win.

they ain’t giving us enough ewc for this shi