[Lazer] Esports profile changes

Hey, i’ve got the problem that my E-Sports Profile has wrong information about Accounts, Name and country. I’ve tried to change it via the form on the website but the changes done were only adding an Account and not changing the Name or deleting the requested Account from my profile. The informations were added by my Team a few years ago but they were adding me with the wrong name, country and social media.

Thank you in advance for your help! :smile:

Please be more specific. Player tag, what should be changed, the new information you want to be displayed…

Hi Alpe, first of all thank you for your quick answer.

The Account is #Q9CLRL8PY :sparkles:LanturnLi​:sparkles:

This Account should be linked with #9PJG0U2P Aka Lazerかは

The third Account which is linked is wrong and does not belong to me. Also The Player Name “Yuki” is wrong. My displayed Name should be Lazer. The Manager Tag should also not be there.

The last change is my Nationality, it should be USA instead of Germany.

I hope you can do these changes and I am very sorry for the circumstances. These wrong informations were published by a previous Team a while ago.

Thank oyu so much for your help! :smiley:

Ok, we can rename, hide that account and remove the manager role.
Nationality cannot be changed.

Okay, that at least would be nice. Thank you :smiley: