Last seen under a dedicated column

I believe it would benefit clan leaders if we could see “Last seen” information, under clan members tab on a specific column. Or add the possibility to filter by some criteria, like we have for roles, for example: Under 24h, More than 1d, more than 3d, more than 5 days, you get the point.

it‘s hard to fit it. If we add a column then we would need to remove one. Suggest a column that you’d like to kill

It’s a hard one.
On desktop I see:
#; Name; Battle Icon/shortcut; Tag; Trophies; Level; Donated; Received

Only now, doing this exercise, I’ve realized that there’s a players battle shortcut.

The Tag button, I believe it makes sense, but at the same time, I can’t think of a useful purpose of that information, it’s not “clickable” or tells you something right away - I bet you can give me 10.

The Donated / Received tabs I believe that they could be useful when the game was starting or new clans where new accounts are dominant as well, but somehow, I honestly believe the majority of players don’t care about that status.

On mobile with desktop view activated I see:
#; Name; Role; Trophies; Level; Donated; Received - funny, don’t see the battle shortcut here

on regular mobile view I see
#; Name with more information under; and Trophies

Well, after all of this, if I had to kill a column, I would not kill any, I would just add a filter. :smiley:

The battle button was added for a specific creator and we can’t remove it.

@Narcotico I’ve moved Tag under player name (no reason why you ever need to sort by this), and put Last Seen into separate column. I think that this is the best solution considering the options.

Thank you! I can see the change on desktop. Perfect.
Do you know the minimum resolution for mobile? Even when I set Chrome to work on page as a desktop one, I can’t see the tab on mobile.

767px is the mobile res breakpoint