Ladder/gt #1 player's deck

hi, i wish we had a option to see who got #1 in ladder and global tournument in previous seasons (i know this is available now for ladder) and his deck which let him achieve it. and if someone use more than one deck, it just select the most used deck for him (last 3 days of ladder/gt) (cause he will probably will use some decks for snipe). i know it will be hard to code and maybe impossible, but its possible and easier to record these historical events/achievements without algorithm/code and just manually and by hand. i also think it is easier to achive if you save players last 10 battles in ladder and last 10 battles in gt inside a separate table in your database so defualt maximum 25 matches in battle history will not hide those decks.

there is not a place to get these information in the web.
thank you

We can look into this but there’s no promises.

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