Lack of response on e sports profile

Hi, I filled in the form to receive an esports profile twice within the last two months and still haven’t received one. Can I get some help here?

Brother that does not answer my question. I am a player for an esports team. I applied for the esports profile and haven’t received a response……

I’ve submitted my application recently and didn’t get a reply.

We do not answer requests. Our team doesn’t reply to requests, we simply process them, which means either approving or rejecting the request.

This process can take between a few days to a few weeks, depending on our current workload. We always go through every single request thoroughly, so please be patient and we’ll process yours as well.

How will I know if it’s been granted or denied?

I’ve submitted my application months ago but nothing happened.

Although everyone can apply for an esports profile, they aren’t always granted. If you have requested an esports profile a long time ago and never received it, most likely it has been rejected. We usually process all requests within 1-2 weeks.