King Level Leaderboard not updating

I have a tower level 9 account, called will, the tag is #JL9QJJYJG. Before the Q3 update, I reached 6018 trophies and I was on the level 9 leaderboards like normal. Since the Q3 update, I’ve slowly been pushing back up and 12 hours ago I reached 6020 trophies. I’m still level 9, and level 25 in the new system. The problem is that the leaderboard still shows that I my pb is 6018, even after refreshing my account many times. Also, the leaderboard shows that I’m in a clan that I left like a month ago, which makes me think that it has been broken for a while. So, im pretty sure the Q3 update (or Q4) broke the low level leaderboards. Please look into it. Thanks.

In the future, include a link so we know what you are talking about. We have hundreds of leaderboards on the site so it’s hard to know which you are talking about.

But I gathered that you are talking about king level leaderboards. I have also updated title to reflect that. Those boards had not been updated for the Q3 king level change yet. They will be in the future.

Your updated score is likely in the new level 23 board or whatever your new king level is. They will be added in the future.