Kicking an deleted account from the clan

there is a player in my clan i can’t kick him out because he deleted his account
how can i kick him out??
please answer me

hin name is عمر ابو صهيب

Please try contacting in-game support first. We’re not supercell and won’t be able to help you. If you have already contacted in-game support, post the conversations here and we’ll decide if we should escalate the issue on your behalf.

I contacted them many times but they didn’t reply to me
please if you can help me i would be grateful to you

Please so screenshot that you having made contact and their responses.

Additionally, please provide:

  • your clan name
  • your clan tag
  • his player name
  • his player tag (if you know)
  • your player name
  • your player tag

clan name : سوريا
clan tag : #P88CJ8RG
his player name : عمر ابو صهيب
his player tag : i can’t know
My player name : Malek11k
My player tag : #QVGV98VCL

this is a screenshot when i was trying to contact with them today

How long have you tried to do this?

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Ok I see that he hasn’t been online for 47 months. I will talk to Supercell on your behalf.

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thanks sir :heart::heart::heart::heart:

Player has been removed. Enjoy!