Is there a guide on how to read this?

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I attached a image that I don’t know how to read. Is there a quick guide to understand it? Not sure what it means

There isn’t a guide, but here’s what it means:

  • Your clan has played 117 out of 200 war decks. It’s 200 max because each clan can have a maximum of 50 members, and each member has a max of 4 war decks per day.
  • The average medals your members have earned is 162.18
  • Based on the medals average, you clan is projected to have 32436 medals at the end of the day. (assuming that your clan does use 50 members and all members will use all of their 4 decks)
  • The bright blue is your current medal count
  • The light blue is your projected medal count

Using all 5 lines + projection, you can predict how likely your clan will get 1st, last, or any rank between.

We’ll write a blog post about this. We just haven’t done so because we have been tweaking math.

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Oh awesome! Thanks for the brief explaining!

There is now a legend at the top of the page. A detailed explanation is in the works.

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