Is SML a discord bot šŸ¤”?

Looks like a bot, seems like a bot, is a bot?

No. SML is a real person.

Wait, heā€™s also a bot on this channel, whoa Royaleapi got some nice tech.

Wait they actually suspended ur account?

The unfortunate associations on Twitter has partially convinced the AI at Twitter that he is a bot and contributed to account suspension ā€” so if you can please stop with this joke on Twitter :weary:

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Yes they did. We are able to get some of our accounts back but not all.

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got it will do sry mate

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Someone might have implied he was a bot on Twitter and Twitter paused his account for a minute while they researched it. :man_facepalming:

I was hoping this was Jack from Twitter because we could probably share some pictures of him to clear the air.