[iOS] This update is not available in your country or region

I recently got a new iphone (Iphone 15 PM) and I have not been able to play Clash Royale, and it is really getting annoying.

When I first got the phone, the first thing I did was download Clash Royale, which If I remember correctly loaded into the tutorial then asked me if I wanted to log into an account linked with my Game Centre (which was not my main account linked with Supercell ID). When I pressed connect (to skip tutorial) it then said “Updating”, got to 50% then told me “Good News! An update is available!” then It takes me to the app store which in turn tells me “This update is not available in your country/region”. I am not sure I really loaded into the game when I first downloaded it, but I am fairly confident I did. I have tried doing the following solutions:

  1. Reinstalling (does not work)
  2. Restarting phone (does not work)
  3. Log out of Game Centre and switching to a different appleID (did not work)
  4. Change region (I have tried switching to China, the US, Finland, did not work) (I am in Australia)
  5. Contacting apple support (redirected me to Supercell support)
  6. Supercell support (very unhelpful and has not responded in a week).

My account may possibly be linked to China, but I have it linked to Supercell, and I can play Clash Royale perfectly fine on an android phone, and an iOS device (which I used before getting this new phone) which worked perfectly fine.

I can’t for the life of me find a solution, and any help would be much appreciated.

Turns out what I remembered was true and the clash royale account linked to my game centre was banned. I had to reset phone to factory settings.