Innovate discord channel

How are you?

Do u’ have any plans for a change in the look of the royaleapi discord?

There are some topics, which would be super interesting to increase the interaction and participation of the channel members.

As a more elaborate field of positions.

Some management bots could assist the staff in this matter and have a good free collection.

Instead of placing a charge for each country flag, a suggestion would be to include it by geographic location. Example:
:earth_africa: @ Africa
:earth_asia: @ Asia
:earth_africa: @ Europe
@ Oceania
:earth_americas: @ North America
:earth_americas: @ South America

@ Title / title for reactions, specifically aimed at the CR, include name of the arenas that the player is part of, for example:

@ β˜… | Challenging League I - 4,000+
@ β˜… | Challenging League II: 4,300+
@ β˜… | Challenging League III: 4,600+
@ β˜… | Master I 4,900+
@ β˜… | Master II 5,200+
@ β˜… | Master III 5,500+
@ β˜… | Champion 5,800+
@ β˜… | Grand Champion 6,100+
@ β˜… | Biggest Champion 6,400+

Positions, to signal the Level of your King’s Tower, example:
@ β˜… | Lvl 13 Tower
@ β˜… | Lvl 12 Tower
@ β˜… | lvl 11 Tower

Only those above would give it a charm, especially in the discord channel. If you want to go a little further, the discord system also has great free bots for assigning posts for interactions, thus encouraging channel members to participate more to win new posts for XP interactions.

And even a bot with voting systems for publicizing the community on websites that disseminates the discord and also makes it possible to assign positions to members who vote.

Returning to interaction it would also be special to have some music channels, to listen to music through the discord, with some bot chosen by the staff.

I hope I have helped in some way, if you are interested in including these functions in the future I can help, even if it is with suggestions and materials for staff to include these improvements for the discord community and grow more and more :heavy_heart_exclamation:

This would make sense only if there are lots of active users chatting in the channels. However, I don’t really see a huge need to divide the users with these categories right now. I also don’t see how it helps a user with these channels / roles.