Inferno Dragon / Inferno Tower Heat up Phase

I am under the impression that a Tourney Level Inferno dragon starts off doing 75 DPS 0-2 seconds, 250 DPS 2-4 seconds, & 875 DPS 4+ seconds. Could you please let me know the DPS of a level 13 & 14 Inferno dragon in its middle phase (2-4 seconds)?

If you could also let me know the DPS of the middle stage of an Inferno Tower at levels 9, 13, & 14 I would very much appreciate it as well. (and maybe even the speed of its heat up phases)

If my question does not make sense or more clarification is needed, my Instagram is @milothegreatcr.

You can have a look around these repo and see if you can find the info:

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