Industrious Goblin - Clash Royale Season 61 (July 2024)

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Wow, they actually took the book of cards out of the season shop. Getting 100k gold is so much easier than getting the amount of cards that a book gives. Eventually the only offer left in the season shop will be banner tokens.

I like the addition of the Magic Coin. But removing the Book of Cards is bad. Bring back the wild cards and just make the Magic Coin an addition instead of removing Book of Cards.

I don’t think you can consider it an “addition” when it replaces something that was better originally

Agreed W opinion

I said that I like that they put Magic Coin in. And after that I said that I would’ve liked it more if they added it together without removing the book. So yea, I said “addition” because its new thing in the shop.

Boring season I’m quitting

Honestly I prefer the coin over a non-legendary book. it saves 100k gold, which buys 10k ewc worth of cards in the daily shop and 5k ewc with the offer (the offer is suboptimal). the common, rare and epic book give a maximum 5k, 6.25k and 4k ewc worth of cards respectively. the only real losers here are those with all cards level 14, but those usually dont really care about the season shop anyways.

So disappointing to see no book of cards. No one needs gold as much as they need cards. Terrible substitute. What’s worse is you can’t even redeem a good coin for elite wild cards

Supercell bring back the books in the shop, why can’t you guys just make a good update?

How do you get the Barbarian Toilet Paper emote? Like what does promotional mean?