Incorrect world progression data

iOS build 4.326.10:

1->15 = 2340
15->35 = 10670
35->60 = 21300
60->90 = 37170

Total = 71480

iOS build 5.261.4:

1->15 = 2340
15->35 = 6090
35->60 = 18540
60->90 = 28590
90->120 = 33640

Total = 89200

I’ve checked that this data is the same on latest Android version.

Let’s see if they handle this changes correctly. For example: now I’m level 9 in squad league that’s 79.480 (total account pe). If they use the level 90 cut you just would have 8000 pe for new 90->120 levels (i.e. lvl 99) instead of your real lvl 113 (computed with total account pe)

Hey, thanks for the reminder. I was holding off this update until the Ice World information was public; I should have the new chart and stats soon.

And regarding the level conversion, the expected system is a simple reset to level 90 for everyone. Your Squad League level will be kept idle until you reach level 120 and return to Squad League.

Well that’s quite bad. It took me 71480 pe to reach squad league and now it’s 55560 pe that means I’ve literally lost 15920 pe and now I’d need 33640 pe for 90->120.

I see your point, but this is something that almost always happens with the “Games as a Service” model.

As new content is added, progression is made easier for newcomers and players who were left behind. You still maintain a relative progress advantage, but the inflated economy makes your previous efforts easier to accomplish in the new system.