Incorrect Avg Medals/Deck Calculation

See above screenshot. Clan OiaForce completed 92 battles and earned 14,450 medals, averaging 157 per battle (you displaying 166.44). The Iranian clan completed 90 battles and earned 15,300 medals, averaging 170 medals (you displaying 158.19).

Why is the actual average differs so much from what you are displaying? Is this a bug? Or maybe are you using accumulative battles win/loss from previous day as well?

This average calculation should be isolated by each day, as each day it could swing.

Thanks for looking into this.

Hi, average medals per attack include results from previous days.

Our analysis concluded that this method provided more accurate results than the one you suggest, so that’s why we use it.

I will have to argue the win rate could swing big by the day. Just like you could get 900 for one day, but 400 the next day, the entire clan could have such swings. If previous days are to be considered, I would rather see it isolated. For example, Day 1 → 166.44, Day 2 → 165.5, Today → 159.34 …

This way, I know we are not doing as well as the day before and I might adjust my clan’s strategies accordingly, like attacking boats instead.

Anyway, I just want to say accumulative win rate does not give you a clean picture how is your clan doing right now, today.

Unfortunately days cannot be isolated, we don’t have data to do it.

You can find other threads that go deeper into this issue, but the short answer is that there can only be one option for everyone. Data shows that this is the best, so that’s why we use it. We know that it won’t be ideal for everyone, but we have considered many options and decided that this was the best approach.