In a Scale From 1-10, How Bad Do You Think The 2 Evo Slots Will Harm The Game Balance (if implemented with the current approach)?

Mine would be 8/10. As in really bad.

Personally, it’s obvious that it will do major harm, but it’s not because of the 2 evos slots itself as a concept, but rather the horrendous application of it.

It should be unlocked half way, at KL27, not KL54, this just creates a HUGE unnecessary gap between players, and alienates KL54 compared to the rest of the vast, crowded, game community that isn’t there yet.

Let alone the fact that already most people don’t have 2 evolutions, the least they can do with this update is allow for 2 wild cards from the season shop to counter this huge lack of evos within the game economy.

This isn’t biased as i am a player with 4 evos and a KL55, but i feel for the poor players who will get stomped as a result of this wild decision with such an outrageous approach.


I agree with @A3siry61 it will harm the Game Balance becaus eof the way it is implemented, I think they will add more slots for evos as more evos come out so starting witht the second at level 54 makes no sense they should make it every 10 KL or so. This is also not biased because I have 6 Evos and am level 54 and plan on getting the Wall Breakers when they come out because I use normal wall breakers in my deck.

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10/10 bad. What is their end game? Continue on until everycard has an evo and there are 8 evo slots?