Improve Balance Changes

Elixir Cost

all well studied based on usage statistics and win percentage

Sorry but Evo Knight deserves their nerf… people just plonk him without strategy the moment they have him (unlike the case with other evos where they have to be timed)… he’s got a very high pick rate so that percentage of people are just going to call the nerf bad… he has a massive pick rate and good win rate (but many less skilled players are picking him too which lowers the “true winrate”).

Also it’s atleast too soon to tell with evo archers… they rarely get me the win and not picked so highly in the best evo decks. I admit I use them but I’m honest about their power… they don’t quite do the tower take down anymore… atleast super rare.

Goblin Hut’s also in an okay place… the problem isn’t the hut… the problem is the spells being strong when it comes to spawners.

Firecracker needs a nerf, maybe first hit speed.

Evo skeletons needs a nerf.

I feel evo archers are okay, they’re not as strong as the other broken evos.

Goblin hut is currently okay, the rework is unnecessary.

4 Elixir Monk will be broken again. A little buff to its hp should be enough.