I'm looking for a contact from Supercell

Hello guys,

Long story short but a month ago my mailbox got hacked. Seeing Supercell ID messages in my mail list, he decided to log into my account. He changed the mail and activated the new feature Account Protection with his phone number, which I didn’t have since it wasn’t released in my region yet. Apparently, you cannot disable this feature and that’s the beginning of my issues: it is supposed to protect the owner, so me, and I’m literally getting robbed because of that. I can indeed prove I am the owner, I played this account for almost 7 years, never broke the rules, I have videos, pictures and more. More important I have the purchases receipts and the credit card I’ve paid with.

I’ve contacted countless times the support, by mail, in-game, on social medias, tried to talk to content creators but no solutions yet. I’m fairly tired to receive the same automatic answers from support or being redirected to Sparky bot, especially when this doesn’t resolve my issues. It feels like their agents don’t read what I’m writing, or are limited in their answers but for sure won’t offer the kind of assistance I’m seeking.

I feel like posting here is my last resort, I dont wanna be robbed because of that stupid feature and let away a maxed account. I’m aware you probably won’t be able to help me directly and I’m sorry to post this here but I’ll be grateful forever if you can atleast show some light around my case.


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Up, still looking for an answer

Surprised no one has been able to give you a firm answer on how this can be resolved. I think unfortunately, even SML (founder of RoyaleAPI) can’t provide help. SuperCell’s support has always been a crap shoot when it comes to losing accounts or even requesting for help. Keep bumping your post until they see it. They would be dumb to not respond to this since this is a support page.

Wish you the best of luck in recovering your account!

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Up, still looking for an answer

Up, still looking for an answer

I am currently in the same boat, never knew the feature was available since I don’t log in to the game as often. Tried to contact support and was shocked when they prompted for a phone number. Hopefully there will be a solution to this issue.

Up, still looking for an answer

Hi, not sure how this is related to RoyaleAPI. If Supercell’s support didn’t solve your issue there’s nothing we can do about it.

Hey, thanks for replying alpe.
I’m aware this is not really the place to ask but I have no reach on Twitter. I know you can’t resolve my issue personally but I just need this story to get at Supercell ears.

Up again and again.

Well partner, I’m in the same boat as you now. Just yesterday, I thought I was hacked only to find out my other relative had been using my account. I contacted Supercell before knowing what had happened, and they locked my account. They asked me questions to show proof if I was the owner of the account, and I provided them everything. After constant asking, they said they utilized all their resources and now I can’t recover my account. For 6 years working on that account, and coming up to the 7 year anniversary in 4 months, I lost it. I’m absolutely pissed about this

Hey man, at this point I can just say sorry for your loss. I’ve been working on my account since the beginning too and now it’s gone, can’t even see it on RoyaleAPI nor in game anymore (from my alt account, since I’m friend with myself). This is a shame with such informations they can’t recover anything, or don’t want.

Anyway, we are 3 helpless in this thread with the same issue, personally after that outrageous update I don’t even care if they give me back my account or not because I will uninstall. Even though I will leave I hope you will be able to recover yours, before they delete it.

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All I can say is don’t give up. After I posted my comment on here, I kept trying to ask for help on Supercell. I went through countless agents that denied me. It was one after another. Until I tried again.

What happened was, I wanted to prove to them that I was the owner. They didn’t respond back to me so all I said was “How can you deny me if I haven’t shown you proof that I am the owner?” So I waited for about an hour. Right until then, I was about to go to sleep giving up but I decided to try one more time. A new agent in the same conversation messaged me and was willing to help me out. I told that agent to give me the list of questions that was needed to identify that I am the owner. I gave it to them and maybe about 10 - 15 minutes, the same agent came back and said that I was nearly complete with the recovery and all I needed to do was change my current email to a new email. Once I submitted a new email to them in the chat, I waited 10 minutes again and from there, they unlocked my account and logged in with my new email.

At the end of the day, everyone at Supercell are very lazy people and only think they’re helping but they’re really not. You just have to keep trying. You need just 1 person to believe your story and you’ll go from there!! I tried for about a day and a half and I kept asking nonstop. If you’re still continuing to retrieve your account back, try to reach out to support once or twice a day. If it doesn’t work out, do it every other day. The goal is to get a different agent who’ll be different than others and help you out. A second tip is, the moment you’re on support and they don’t respond, either leave the game and come back in about 30 minutes (Cause they love taking their sweet time responding) or continuing to stay on support. One thing I’ll say though is, for every time that you leave, a new agent can take over on the continued response and they’ll follow off with they’re unable to help you. So stay on the support as long as you can until they say they can’t help you.

I know this is long but this is what I went through and hopefully sharing my experience can help you recover your account back!!

You can’t reach supercell here. We’re a content creator. Contact them in-game.

We know. I’m just letting him know my experience on what I did to get my account back