Idea of an old statistic to republish


I don’t really know which category to put this in, so I’ve kept the “Feature Request” label.

I noticed that in January 2021, a histogram was published linking the number of counts according to the trophy record achieved, also with colour to indicate the proportion of counts according to the king’s tower level.

I found these statistics interesting and, since they’re not incredibly difficult to produce (at least, I imagine they’re not), I’d have liked to know whether it would have been possible to republish this histogram with the current data (changing “Trophy record” to “Elo record in Ultimate Champion league/Best league ever achieved”).

Have a great day,

Hi, sharing a link would be helpful to know what you are referring to.
Something like this?

The main issue with PoL ratings is that they don’t really reflect skill differences across separate seasons. These differences are mostly dependent on how active the playerbase was during each month.

Plus, PoL rating personal bests are not a part of profile information, so it wouldn’t be easy to aggregate this data as we could with trophies in the past.