Idea for RoyaleAPI: Deck advisor


I have a good number of maxed cards and many more with max stack. I frequently come to RoyaleAPI to investigate which good decks I could try with my maxed cards. To do that I search decks using the Include and Exclude options. It is an amazing feature that I love, but I have to choose actively which kind of decks I am looking for…

But given that RoyaleAPI knows my card levels, it would be even better if RoyaleAPI could directly advise on which meta decks I can build using my maxed cards. As an option, cards with max stack could be included in the search since it is only a matter of paying for the upgrade. We should be also allowed to choose cards that we don’t mind using underleveled, like log, arrows, freeze, rage… Players with low levels should be able to use an option like “choose cards from my collection with levels 11 or higher”, for example.

So the “deck advisor feature” would have the following inputs:

  • Minimum card levels wanted
  • Option to also consider the cards that can be upgraded with gold
  • Option to provide a list of cards that we don’t mind using underleveled

With this, RoyaleAPI could build a comprehensive list of cards that can be included in the search and provide the best decks (in top 1000, GCs, CSs) that can be built with those cards.

Thanks a lot for the amazing work with RoyaleAPI!!!

Check out this secret feature that’s on your profile under the “cards” tab.


Oops! Sorry! :cold_sweat: I use RoyaleAPI every day and I had never noticed this! It works great! If we could include cards with max stack that can be upgraded it would be perfect…

Thanks for the great work with RoyaleAPI!


That is a good idea. We’ll look into that.

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Lol iam using RoyaleApi since I started playing and never saw that haha lol. Good to learn mew things :+1: