Idea for Clan Page

Idea for Royaleapi clan page

-Add twitter link for clans
-Clans that finished top 100 from season 2018-01 receives a Clan Ladder Badge
-Current rank showed for clans in top 100/1000?

Make a form (Similar to the one for esport profiles, And a edit button in the clan page)
In this form you shall fill in what you wish to be added, Twitter @, Clan finish rank, And which season the clan got the finish (Reduces the time to find the finish for confirming the information and adding the badge/emblem.

Only add twitter link, Finishes for the clans which requested it through the form, And only if all information is provided correctly, No personal twitter accounts shall be added to the clans.

To not make the clan page overwhelmed with emblems, Only 1, The best season will be added into a badge. If a clan finished at the same spot multiple times, Let’s say #1 three times, The badge will show #1, But if you click on the badge it’ll say x3 (Similar to the GC/CC badge)

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