Ice Spirit Evolution - Clash Royale December 2023 (Season 54)

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I think that the evolution is good and cool cuz its almost Christmas and all that hype, but i think that only a few of people are gonna play this evolution when theres archers and knight, im just saying and this is my opinion.

Could y’all just sell the ice spirit shard when the next season start? I wouldn’t mind if the 6 ice spirit shard sold for around $4.99(a bit higher I wouldn’t mind).

Bro then they wouldn’t make any money from the diamond pass… or at the very least a lot less money… no way Greedycell would do that

SML, I really have a question regarding this evolution and I hope you will be kind enough to clarify it. The ability of such an evolution is called “Ice Blast”, and is based on the fact that after the ice spirit reaches its target, it, that is, the target, remains frozen for a certain time limit, otherwise In other words, the target will freeze 2 more times, as if another Ice Spirit had frozen it again. Those additional icy blasts will also affect nearby troops within the freezing area and deal damage, just like the normal spirit does. Now, as the article indicates, the bursts are spaced by a time interval of 3 seconds, and each of the freezes lasts 1.2 seconds. However, a rather peculiar doubt arises here, mainly when the word “Intermittent” is mentioned. Let’s go in parts:
. 1) The duration of the spiritual freeze remains stable, that is, 1.2 seconds.
. 2) What is not stable is the freeze duration limit, as time intervals add an additional 1.8 seconds to the spirit’s stable duration.
. 3) In total, 3 freezing bursts are produced, distributed in: First burst (Initial blow), Second burst (Second explosion) and Third burst (Third explosion).
. 4) Due to all these premises, in my case the following conclusion/doubt is reached:
. For each burst to last 3 seconds, the ice spirit itself must be multiplied from 1.2 to 2.5, not the freezing time , but the number of spirits. , meaning that it would not only be 1 spirit, but a little more. That’s a 108% gain. That is, there is one more spirit, plus 8% of another, and if the sum is done it would be 8.3 = 24%. Without rounding 25%. You should see that, because in all three bursts it’s 1 spirit + 1/4 of another. Without that +25% that we were talking about, the bursts would not last 3 seconds, but would do so for a time of 2.64 seconds.