I would like to have an eSports profile, I meet the requirements

I would like to have an eSports profile since I have been in the competitive field for more than 3 years being a Manager and Captain, for some time I have filled out forms and I still do not have an eSports profile, I have participated in leagues such as Supremacy and National and I do not I have been able to have the achievements on my profile. I would appreciate if someone helps me.


Captain or Manager

TW: @SantiagoBalza_2


Our requirements aren’t public, so not sure why you’d think you meet them. If you have requested a profile and been rejected, it actually means you don’t.

I thought I fill the requeriments because I’ve met people who have never entered the competitive scene and have an eSports profile on RoyaleAPI, and I thought I might have one too. @alpe123