I’m so fing mad

So today, I grinded from 5750 to 5981. 1 more game until I unlock my Royal wild chest I have been saving up and get my favorite card mighty miner. I took a deep breath and pressed battle. I faced against a king tower 13 (I’m 12), not a decent start. However, I was playing everything perfectly, from timing and location. then. I dragged my cannon for their witch. Didn’t place. I panicked as dread surrounded me. Then the thing I feared the most appeared. The red Wi-Fi symbol. I immediately, swiped off clash, turned on data (I was using my stupid house Wi-Fi), and logged back in. But it was too late. I got 3 crowned. It thought to myself. It’s okay, just 2 more games. And guess what? I tilted back to 5750.

If your th12 then you don’t really wanna be going higher anyways because you will just face people who will demolish you and your unable to drop