I have lost my clash royale account and wish to recover it

Last login was around 2017, name is Tiger, need the player tag to recover, king level 10

Just to be clear — you have accessed your profile before on our site? if so then we can target these other fields for you (because otherwise it’s not possible)

hmm i dont think i have accessed that user on this site before, not too sure. i was in a clan but they kicked me already

was in the clan #2JRPPC8 , theres one guy still inside since the time i joined. his name is freedom. i also remember like another person from the clan was crazyleo

in the clan 2016-12-07

If you have never used the site before then you can only search by name, which returns 2500 results — and so it would be meaningless for you to find it. Do you still want it?

not only that — but it might not even have your account in it

hmm i know what cards i have, is there a way to filter for this?

No — because you have never accessed the site before so none of your profile info will have been saved.

Basically there is only ONE way to fetch your profile which is to fetch by player tag.

However, we provide alternative methods since we do save the profile info to our database when someone access their profiles. But if you have never done that before then there is no way to find by other ways.

alright, thanks so much, i’ll find a walkaround for this

I have my account recently but i cant search it
. My name is Lovabuu and i have a clan tag #88UG2JP how can i recover it?