I have a question about the clan "Royaleapi Bravo"

I’d like to join the clan. I have previous experience with other Clans that highly focus on Clan Wars. However my Clans kind of fell apart. I’d like to join this one since not only is this a pretty good Clan that focusses on Clan Wars (I hope so), it also is a part of Royaleapi (And I love Royaleapi, you guys helped me out so much) it also has members that I know pretty well! I could even practise with them. The problem is that it said 6300 pb in the description. I don’t however have a 6300 pb. I saw other people in the Clan that also don’t have it. I hope that this is not a problem. Oh and I am a bit below the Trophy Requirement, but that won’t be a problen. I forgot my tag but my name in game is F-35 and I am in a clan called “Drogon’s Flight”. Thank you! Have a wonderful day.