I found a player name which blocks war stats on mobile phone and macbook

This very long player name blocks vision to lot of stats if using mobile phone or other small screen devices. There seems to be even worse case with iPhones, where you couldn’t even see the other stats even if you flipped your phone around. MacBook with 13 inch monitor had same problem. Here is some examples:

iPhone normal

iPhone flipped

MacBook 13 inch monitor

This is what android users see.

Flipping the phone with android fixes the problem.

Also this name is very long ingame aswell. In some modes, the name totally takes all the space possible.

Here is couple screenshots in 2v2


Here you could just ban the name and problem gone or do some adjustments to the responsivisity of the website if the player has a longer name.

can you give me the clan tag or send the link?

Clan: NC Finland #8LP0Y9YP | Clan - RoyaleAPI

I have so far fixed the following:

but i can’t verify fix until he appears in analytics also.